IBELIV, is to be Liv

A double play on words to carry the values and commitment of a man who believes in the ability to act positively and create one’s own reality.
At the time of globalized consumption, Liva RAMANANDRAIBE, also called Liv, invites us to rethink the role of collective responsibility to the world.
Story of a believer:

Originally from Madagascar, Liv came to France at the age of 16 to study finance and succeed in this field.
In France, he discovered the legacy of timeless refined elegance, as well as luxury and design which fascinated him since childhood.
When receiving his diploma, he realized the importance of living fully for his passions, almost like a faith, drawing inspiration from his deepest roots:

“I believe that our way of consuming could be more humanly and ecologically responsible. I believe that it is possible to offer contemporary products while respecting Man and Nature.”

Living and sharing our values :

The adventure begins in Madagascar, where Liv’s mother works towards promoting ancient know-how through the craft of raffia.
IBELIV is conceived as a label of quality and its products follow a charter of VALUES: ecological, socio-economic, high quality.
Our goal is to combine environmental protection with reforestation campaigns for raffia forests threatened by deforestation, as well as stimulating the creation of sustainable jobs for rural women.

“In Madagascar, the fauna, just like the flora, is naturally very rich. Indeed it holds between 80% and 90% of endemic species. Unique for the planet, this situation needs to be preserved. I draw my energy from the alchemy between the amazing Malagasy optimism and the demands of the French chic, always bearing in mind creating does not require damaging.”

IBELIV in concrete terms:

- A production structure currently holding a strong expertise in crafts made from raffia and always seeking perfection.

“The craftspeople have a very high capacity for adaptation and evolution, which has taught me to recognize the existence of a real manual intelligence.”

- Production in moderate quantities in order to stay true to our spirit.
- Quality production in a sustainable approach, from raffia harvest to the consumer.

“I believe and I see that it is possible.”